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Accent Modification

Accent modification
Online Speech Therapy

Do you know English but lack confidence to communicate clearly?

Do people constantly stay “huh?” or ask you to repeat yourself?

If you have an accent and want to speak more clearly to be better understood (the first time),

we can help!

English is considered to be the global language of business. However, people who are non-native English speakers are often passed over for top managerial positions due to their accent.

What is accent modification?

Accent modification is an elective service sought by individuals who want to change or modify their speech patterns to sound more natural and be better understood. This is not speech therapy, but can be referred to as "training" or "coaching."

Who can benefit from accent modification?

Accent modification is for both non-native English speakers and those with regional American dialects. This is for people who would like to modify their English pronunciation to closely resemble Standard American English.

What can I expect from online accent modification training with Online Speech Services?

  • You can expect a program that will be tailored to your individual speaking patterns based on your native language or regional dialect. This is not an ESL course, but is advanced training for those looking to take their English to the next level to speak more clearly and sound more natural.

  • Typical goals include targeting specific speech sound differences, rhythm, and intonation. You will be working with a professional who is highly skilled in helping people change their speaking patterns.

  • We will start with what is most important to you to help meet your personal and professional goals. Then, we will work together to determine what will yield the greatest results in the shortest amount of time.

How do I get started?

Complete this free screening, which only takes 5-10 minutes. Then someone from Online Speech Services will follow up with you to schedule your free initial consultation to customize a plan for you.




Please call us with any questions or complete the CONTACT FORM.

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