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What is telepractice?

The official policy of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association is:

“Telepractice is the application of telecommunications technology to deliver professional services at a distance by linking clinician to client, or clinician to clinician for assessment, intervention, and/or consultation. It is the position of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) that telepractice is an appropriate model of service delivery for the profession of speech-language pathology.”

What technology do I need?

Sessions are held live through a computer or mobile device with high-speed internet connection. Clients will need a webcam (which can be built-in) and headset during your online sessions. The use of this technology enables you to interact with the clinician in a manner that mimics an in-person interaction.

  1. Computer or mobile device

  2. Headset

  3. Webcam

If I am a speech-language pathologist, where can I learn more about telepractice?

If you are interested in learning about how to add telepractice to your practice, please view all of our course offerings by clicking on the button below. We offer self-paced online courses, live training, and consulting packages.


Consider signing up for our free introductory course about telepractice regulations, or contact us for your free 15-minute consultation.

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