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How is online speech therapy different from in-person?

Speech-language pathologists have been providing online speech and language services for over 15 years. Recently, online speech therapy has been growing in popularity among professionals and clients due to its many benefits.

Here are our top five benefits of online speech therapy:

1. Easy access. With the widespread availability of high-speed internet, speech-language pathologists are able to connect with virtually anyone, anywhere.

2. Saves time. Whether you live in a rural town hours away from the closest speech-language pathologist or in a bustling city with many options, travel can be a hassle. With online speech therapy, there is no time wasted traveling long distances or being stuck in traffic.

3. Saves money. Without the need to travel to your speech therapy appointment, you eliminate all travel expenses, including: gas, tolls, parking, public transportation, etc.

4. Interactive and engaging. The latest features in videoconferencing technology allows speech-language pathologists and their clients to share their computer screen, collaborate on projects, and play games. This is especially motivating in today's technological age. With the world wide web at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless.

5. Promotes carryover. The ultimate goal for all clients working on improving their communication is carryover. Speech-language pathologists equip you with the skills in your session, but sometimes it can be a challenge to carryover to your everyday activities. Since you are receiving the training in your natural environment, carryover is a smoother transition.

Speech-language pathologists are bound by a code of ethics, which sets standards for professional practice. Online speech therapists adhere to the same ethical standards. This provides clients with an assurance that they are receiving quality services from a competent service provider. Clients should make sure they are working with a speech-language pathologist that is not only knowledgeable about how to address their communication needs but also knows how to use the technology to deliver these services. If you or anyone you know has ever worked with a speech-language pathologist online, we'd love to hear from you.

Have you ever worked with a speech-language pathologist online? If so, how was your experience? Please share with us at or comment below. #onlinespeechtherapy #speechpathologist #accentmodification #publicspeaking


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