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Why public speaking skills are so important

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

One of the most usable and crucial business management skills is communication. According to, a study among 50,000 company recruiters revealed that communication skills were the most important factor in selecting managers. Furthermore, according to, great managers need to be able to communicate verbally, and the best ones are able to communicate in writing just as effectively.

The ability to communicate is essential, regardless of your job or industry. In fact, among the skills that employers want, oral communication ranked higher than critical thinking, ethical decision making and working in teams. It was more important to company leaders than being able to write well, solve complex problems or be innovative (Education Week). Communication is so important because misinterpretations can result from not communicating your ideas clearly when interacting with employees, managers and customers.

Public speaking refers to an oral presentation in which you communicate a message to an audience. This can be an audience of one, a small team or a large group. Good public speaking skills help you articulate ideas with clarity and confidence. Let Online Speech Services help you unlock your potential and obtain the success you deserve! Take advantage of our March promotion on all Public Speaking packages today.



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